Monday, October 31, 2016

Transfer 3 Week 4!

Cari Fratelli e Sorelle,

Let me tell y'all about my rollercoaster week... On the bright side this week ended up on an incline but there was definitely some days that were in the dumps!

We decided that we would cancel our Family Home Evening that we do every Monday in the park because Italians are basically the biggest wimps in the world. Its 60-65 degrees outside and they are wearing parkas and scarves and hats and gloves "fa freddo" they say all day... anyway I digress, the FHE was cancelled and we are going to do it on Wednesday nights so we can do it in the church and invite members to come. 

So we decided that would give us an awesome opportunity to go visit less-active families and do a FHE with them! So we planned three to go see, banking on at least one of them cancelling if not two. (I've learned already in the mission to double book yourself and then when you get cancelled on you're not out finding for six hours) Well two of them cancelled and we got a bidone from our investigator. A bidone literally means a dumpster. So when people don't show up and don't call or text or anything we say "We got bidoned" (Bidonayed). So we went to this less-active family to do a FHE and it went really well! They have a son that is about 15 and so we took Roberto with us. He is a Recent Convert of about a year and is in the Young Men's Presidency so it was cool to have him with us! 

So my companion could talk to a wall... he can literally talk to anyone and everyone about anything. So we are doing some tracting, knocking on doors (You don't knock on doors in Italy, you ring citofono things with the little speaker and you have to talk to them through this little phone on the side of the house... it makes it really hard to actually get into people's houses) Anyway this lady actually comes to the door. Her name is Maria and she answers the door and I say "Hi we're the missionaries..." and I asked her if she had 5 minutes to hear a quick message. She said 'I don't have 5 minutes, I don't have thee minutes, I don't have one minute. I just got back from the doctor's and I have a broken rib... blah blah blah. I was like okay, she's not interested, got it. But Anziano LaRussa was like "What happened to your rib?" More than an hour later we had heard her life story, taught her the Restoration and been in her home for much longer than the five minutes that she didn't have! It just goes to show you the power of not giving up! Sometimes you just have to try a little harder! Especially in your missionary efforts. So get out there hit up some cool people to share the Gospel! 

Wednesday and Thursday were days of straight bidone... a little frustrating and I was getting sooo tired! On top of that our homie Nova wasn't calling us back and not even the members were keeping their appointments! Friday made up for that though because we went to the Centro area and found our Break Dancing guys again! They wanted to teach us some moves so we said "Of course, but only if we can share a message about Jesus Christ!" So we went with them to this place with Marble floors and they taught us some cool break dancing moves. I think I'll stick to County Swing Dancing though, it involves being on the ground a lot less and its a partner thing instead of a bunch of other sweaty dudes. Comunque it was fun and we taught them the Restoration! They leave this week for America until December, they have shows allover California and Florida so thats pretty exciting! We have their phone numbers and we'll meet up with them in December when they get back! 

Saturday was the Halloween party so we spent almost all day getting the Church ready and the Casa Stragata (Haunted House) and the games all set to go! We had so many non-members at the activity it was like a play ground for missionary work and it was so much fun. The Young Single Adults were in charge of the Casa Stragata and they killed it, it was sooo good! All of us missionaries helped in a reenactment of the "This is Halloween" Scene from the Nightmare before Christmas. I'll have to get a video from someone else! It was a lot of fun! The missionaries were in charge of games so each companionship did a different activity. We did bobbing fo apples and after we bought the apples and the buckets I realized how disgusting bobbing for apples is. Everyone just keeps drooling in this bucket and then the next person comes in and drools some more. So I spent a lot of time changing out water in the buckets because I was grossed out! Our first competitor was Fratello Sanna, he is one of the coolest guys ever, he was in the Mission Presidency until President Pickerd got here, he loves the missionaries and is just all in all a lot of fun. I said we needed two bravi ragazzi and he was the first one there and so excited! 1,2,3 Vai! Fratello Sanna in his nice shirt and gelled hair plunged his whole head right to the bottom and grabbed the apple subito! It was so funny, water everywhere and everyone was excited to bob for apples! 

There were American's in Church on Sunday! Its so fun to see Americans in Italy... It was two couples that were on this cruise ship that came into Harbor Friday and they were so nice! They are from California and had been recently released as a Senior Couple in the SanFrancisco mission about three months ago and in December will be serving for another six months. I showed them all the cool places they had to go before their cruise ship left and they were so nice. 

The Cincotti Family are so cool, they both served missions Sister Cincotti on Temple Square and Bother Cincotti in Milan and they have two sons. One of them is about to turn eight! Because they are both converts they want their children to have as much of a convert experience as they can. So they asked if we would teach Alessandro the missionary discussions. So we met at the church and shared with him the story of the Restoration complete with pictures, an ice cream truck analogy and a few pieces of chocolate. It was so fun and a really good experience for him! Afterwards Fratello Cincotti said "That was incredible, you had his attention the whole time!" It went really well and afterwards Alessandro said "Is there more lessons, I want them to come back!" So we're really excited for his baptism! 

Remember how I said Nova wasn't responding? Well we were about to give up and we decided we would stop by his house one last time. He answered the door and told us he had been traveling for Field Hockey but was back now and he had left his phone here. He answered the door in his underwear but came out and stood outside with us which was only slightly awkward. We taught him a lesson in his underwear and then asked if we could pray with him, he wanted to hold hands while we prayed so we did! It was interesting but it was good! He's excited for his baptism and so are we! 

Cool little plug for the blog that my sister does! One of the other Elder's investigators they met on the bus so it was a really quick exchange, he decided to check out the church online and the first thing that came up was and the second thing that came up was my blog! He read it and decided to call them and meet up with them to learn more! Kind of cool! 

This is Jacob's page, referred to in the paragragh above:  Hi I'm Jake!

I don't have any huge invitations for you this week other than to get out there and share your testimony! I hope you have a great week and that you are all enjoying the Fall weather! Its starting to get chillier and chillier here but its still hot during the middle of the day. And there's no fall foliage or trees with pretty leaves so enjoy it in America! I love you all!

Anziano Bellucci

Monday, October 24, 2016

A trip to Rome, a trip to Carbonia, a trip to Oristano and driving in Italy!

Wow this week has been an absolute flash! I'll start with our really cool miracle... The church has a rule about not teaching refugees until they have documents and a place to live because they get transferred and documents get lost and so on and so forth. If you didn't know this Italy has a ton of refugees that live in camps all over the country. So we always talk to Africans and they are some of the nicest people I have met. We can't teach them yet but its always good to talk to them and help them to feel loved. We were in a park the other day and this African man named Nova came and started talking to us. He said "You're the Latter-day missionaries!" And we said "Yes we are!" We got to know him and found out he is here in Italy to play hockey... I was really confused because I didn't think Italians even knew what hockey was... but turns out its field hockey not ice hockey so let down on that part. BUT we kept talking to him trying to see if he was a refugee or not and what his story was. So finally I asked him how he came to Italy and he said "On a plane of course!" He has documents and we can teach him! He is the most humble man ever and so we taught him the Restoration and he was just eating it up. I have never had someone look me in the eyes the whole time we were teaching, he was loving it and paying so much careful attention. We left him with a prayer and met up with him again on Tuesday. (We met him on Sunday) So we met him on Tuesday and asked him what he remembered of the lesson we had taught him. He basically remembered everything, he repeated almost all of it back to us and Anziano LaRussa asked him what his favorite part was. He said "Thats like asking me to pick a favorite limb of my body, it all just makes so much sense, I need all four limbs, each part is vital!" My companion and I were on cloud nine, I invited him to be baptized on the 19th of Novembre and he accepted and is super excited about it! Which makes us super excited about it! 

Wednesday morning I had an appointment at the Immigration office to pick up my permesso do Soggiorno and so at 8 AM we headed over there and waited two plus hours to pick up my little card. It look like a passport card but it makes me legal to be here until June of next year and I will have to apply again! We then had District meeting at the church and ate lunch together and headed to the airport to catch our flight to Rome! They combined two of the wards in Rome so there was a lot of missionaries assigned to one ward and so they took a set of Elders out of the "Rome 6" house which is where we would be staying. So there are no missionaries there so we went to the main station in the heart of Rome and met the Zone Leaders who had the keys to the apartment. Grabbed the keys and I was the only one who had been to this apartment before and it is clear on the other side of Rome so by the grace of God and a simple metro system I was able to lead us there and we made it ok! 

The next morning it was up at 5 AM to make it to the church again on the complete other side of Rome! The conference started at 9 AM and we needed to be there by 8! So we made it in time and it was an amazing experience. All 200 missionaries from the Italy Rome mission gathered in one place and waiting so prepared and ready to be taught by an Apostle. There was a little chatter as we waited and we were all facing the pulpit when President Russell M. Nelson walked in the back door. All 200 missionaries stood in unison and complete silence filled the room. As he made his way to the front of the room he let out a grand "Buongiorno!" To which we all laughed and giggled. When he got to the front one by one we all filed through to shake his hand his wife's hand, President and Sister Hallstrom's hands and President and Sister Keuron's hands. Complete silence. As the last of the missionaries filed through I couldn't take my eyes off President Nelson. I had an incredible realization that I just shook the hand of the man who would be the next Prophet of God. Definitely an experience I will never forget. There is a Sister missionary from Milan serving in Cagliari and she sat behind me. When she sat down she tapped me on the shoulder, she's learning English and doing very well with it but she said "Elder, I think that I will never wash my hand" it was hilarious and her Italian accent made it that much funnier. Then two Anziani got up and sang a duet together of "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" and there wasn't a day eye in the crowd. "The Song of the righteous is a prayer unto me" is definitely a true scripture. I was expecting to be taught about missionary work the whole time, that he would talk to us about what we can do to be better missionaries and how we can improve ourselves. I imagined there would be a plug for getting married ASAP after our missions and that would be it. Well let me tell you was I wrong. 

We heard from all the General Authorities and their wives and then President Nelson stood up and addressed us with another "Buongiorno" with the thick American Accent just as strong as the first time. He then held up a quad which in Mormon Lingo is the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. He said "This is a new copy, I got it on May 27th, I decided I would read every word. Two weeks later I had finished all four standard works." This man is 92 years old. He read all four books of canonized scripture in two weeks! I was impressed and so was everyone else. He they began to explain the Abrahamic covenant from start to finish, where it comes from, what it means to us, where the twelve tribes of Israel come from and so on and so forth. President Nelson stood up at the pulpit with no notes, no scriptures marked or anything and he taught us directly from the scriptures reciting one after another. It was a testimony of how smart these men are and how they really hold back in General Conference their knowledge of the Gospel to make it appropriate for everyone. It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much and have been studying so much harder since then! 

Right after the conference we had some time to chat with other missionaries before heading back to the airport to catch our flight back to Cagliari! We went straight to the church to teach English course and went straight home afterwards and crashed, we were all so spiritually, mentally and physically exhausted. 

I got permission to drive from President Pickerd while we were in Rome and so I had to do a little driving test with Brother Sanna, a member here in Cagliari. I told him I was a little nervous, its been 5 months since I've driven and its a different country and everything. He said "Elder, do you know how to drive?" Yes... "Then I'm not worried, lets go for a drive!" And it was perfect from there! Italian drivers are absolutely crazy though. They think they can just put their little Fiats in the smallest of spaces and at the speed of lighting. Tail Gaiting is not a thing, if you can't see the bald spot on the guys head in front of you then you aren't close enough to their car. If you don't want to stop at a stop sign you just beep the horn and keep going. And if you stop at a stop sign and the person behind you doesn't want to then they just go around you. Its crazy. Anyway I passed my test and my companion and I took the car and headed to Carbonia which is about 60 km away to visit a less active. They fed us dinner and we chatted for a little bit. They have a new born baby who turned two months old on Saturday and was so stinking cute. Mission rules are hard to keep sometimes when you just want to pick up the babies and hold 'em! 

They finished building a new church in Oristano and Saturday night they had an open house and a piano concert thing afterwards and they asked to have a set of Sister missionaries and a set of Elders come up to help with the Open house. So we went down with two of the Sisters Sorella Hatfield and Sorella Acerson to help and it was so much fun! They had about 150 people there to see the building and they had rooms with different things being taught in each room and the groups cycled through the rooms. We had to leave early because we had to catch the train back to Cagliari to be home on time and the members were freaking out because we didn't get to eat any of the food so we're running late for the train and waiting for them to put together a plate of food for us and we finally get it and run through the streets with tons of food to get to the train on time. We made with a few minutes to spare and hopped the train back to Cagliari, all in all a successful night! 

All in all it was a beautiful week! It went by so very fast but it was a great week! This morning we hiked Sela del diavalo (Devil's Saddle)with Roberto and Eride Espa who are some awesome members with a couple investigators! It was a lot of fun and some nice time to relax! I'll send some pictures if I remember :)

As always I hope you all have a wonderful week and know that I'm thinking of you! Remember how important the Book of Mormon is and make time to study and read each and every day. The proof of the Gospel is in the Book of Mormon, all we have to do is read it! 


Anziano Jacob Bellucci

Monday, October 17, 2016

Transfer 3 Week 2


What a week! This was mine and Anziano LaRussa's fist week together
and we hit the ground running! It has been a busy and fun week with a
lot of stuff going on including Zone Conference! But as always we
start at the beginning! Tuesday we had a jam packed day planned when
we woke up and by10AM all but one of our appointments had cancelled
and our back up plans had fallen through! We were looking at a bust of
a day but we went to this park and found some kids, showed them how to
throw a football and then let them play with the Football while we
talked to their parents. It was really cool and we ended up getting
some cool investigators.

Wednesday we also had a pile of cancellations but all the other
missionaries were coming in from allover the Island and none of them
know the city. The zone leaders have the car so they hardly ever take
buses and my companion has no idea where he is in Cagliari at any
given moment... So that left me, fortunately I know the city really
well and I helped the missionaries navigate to the church for their
personal interviews with the Mission President and then back to our
apartment. It was a good day and we were all tired when we got home so
I count it as a success!

Thursday we had a great conference and it was so great to see
President and SIster Pickerd again. Our goal as a mission is to have
one baptism per companionship per transfer which is every six weeks so
President brought up all the pictures of the 15 baptisms that happened
in this last transfer and had everyone that had a part in the
conversion of each person raise their hand and tell the story. Out of
the 15 I think 9 of them had come in contact with one of the 16
missionaries here in Sardegna. It was really cool to see how much of a
team effort this is. We all work together and we never know how much
of an impact we have on people. We might be planting seeds for someone
else to harvest, we might be harvesting seeds that someone else has

This weekend was a blur, somehow we are at Monday already! We had a
really cool experience Friday and Saturday. I was talking to a less
active member on the phone and she told me her husband was in the
hospital and that's why she hadn't been in church because his health
has been up and down. Her husband is not a member but she has a
Granddaughter on a mission in Temple Square and another on a mission
in Madagascar. I felt an impression to ask her if her husband would
like a priesthood blessing. I ignored it because I didn't think he
would accept it but the prompting came again and so I asked her and
she said "Hold on let me ask him" I heard her ask him and I heard him
say yes. We went the next morning and gave him a blessing, it was a
very cool experience for me and for him. There is so much power in
priesthood blessings and I am so glad to have a knowledge of their
power and for the restoration of the priesthood.

We are preparing for our trip to Rome on Wednesday and we are so
excited! It will be a really neat experience to meet President Nelson,
President Hallstom and Bishop Causse and to hear their wisdom! The
conference is scheduled to be only two hours long so it will be a
spiritual whirlwind for sure! I cant wait to tell you all about it!

Have a great week and I want to invite you all to think about how we
can receive strength through the Savior's atonement. This life is not
easy and sometimes it can be down right difficult but as Elder Nelson
said this past conference this life is about finding joy. I know if we
look to the savior's atonement we will find the joy that is meant for
us in this life. your Italian word for this week is espiazione high is
Atonement. Its a good missionary word!

Keep on keeping no and loving this beautiful life!

Anziano Jacob Bellucci

Monday, October 10, 2016

Transfer 3 Week 1

Boun Giorno tutti!

Hey everybody, it's me again! Weird it's been a week already! It feels
like so much has happened this week that last Monday feels like an
eternity ago... But it also feels like yesterday!

Monday was torture as we were waiting for our transfer calls, they can
come anywhere between 8 PM and 10:30 PM because they have to call all
over the mission obviously. So President called the Zone Leaders at
around 8 and told them all the transfer calls for the zone but they're
not allowed to tell us we have to wait for a call from either the
President or the Assistants to the President. So they started freaking
out and telling us how excited we should be and then we waited. And we
waited. And the more we waited the more anxiety I had... Anziano
Segura and I were freaking out and the Zone Leaders told me that my
transfer call surprised them the most! 10:30 comes and we still
haven't received a call... So I texted the assistants "Did you forget
about us?" They call us right away and say that President Pickerd was
supposed to call us but he must have skipped it and he said "Are you
ready for your transfer call Anziano Bellucci?" Yes I'm so ready!
"You're staying in Cagliari and Anziano Larussa will be your new
companion!" So... I already knew my companion! Anziano Larussa is our
District leader and has been in Oristano for the past 12 weeks which
is the city right next to ours. I had already worked with him a little
and he's super cool! Y'all are never going to guess where he's from...
Drum roll!!!!! New York! I never in a million years would have thought
I would get a companion from New York!

Little mini Biography on Anziano Larussa... First of all Mom his name
is Greg so you can stalk him on Facebook but he said all the photos
that it will let you see are from a long time ago so don't judge too
harshly ;) He is a convert to the church of five years so he was
baptized when he was 15 and his family members aren't members of the
church except his Mom. He's a few months older than I am and he has
been on his mission for exactly a year and a half. He was a wrestler
all through High School and apparently was pretty good... He went to
BYU for a year before coming on a mission which means that all three
people that I live with went to BYU. But that's ok, we can all repent
;) He served almost all of his mission so far in Sicilia and he speaks
so well! I'm excited to learn from him!

So Tuesday I helped Anziano Segura get packed and we had District
Meeting so I saw my new companion and then he went back to Oristano to
pack. We helped all the other missionaries come in that we're flying
off the island Wednesday, we had some appointments and met up with
some members so Anziano Segura could say goodbye! I wasn't even the
one leaving but it was really hard to watch him say goodbye!

Wednesday we brought Anziano Segura to the airport, took some pictures
and he was off to Rome, his transfer call is to Terni to be the Zone
Leader. Terni is the Northernmost zone in the mission so he's going to
have a chilly winter! I then got to be companions with Anziano Bentley
who was down here waiting for his companion to fly in. He is going to
be training this transfer so he's a little scared but mostly excited!
He's a really cool guy from Alpine UT and he's only in his 6th
transfer so he's pretty young in the mission to be training! We went
allover the city and I realized how well I know it. Most of the time I
just followed Anziano Segura but I learned the city really well. My
companion came in from Oristano on Tuesday because his companion was
flying to Sicily. We spent most of Thursday sitting in the Cagliari
airport waiting for the new Zone Leader to get here... Through missed
flights, delayed planes and lost travel plans he finally made it
Friday morning! His name is Anziano Bourne, amd so far he seems pretty
cool! I don't know if I ever said this but we live in a 4 man house so
the Zone Leaders live with us so I'm sure I'll get to know him better
over the next six weeks!

We spent the last two days doing so much work, Anziano LaRussa and I
have been hitting the streets and talking to everyone! Friday we went
to Carbonia which is about an hour train ride away to teach a man that
runs this tai chi gym... It was really cool but really far away. The
coolest thing that happened was we walked out of the train station in
Carbonia and we just see these mountains in the background and both of
us felt like we were in Utah. It was nice to get a taste of my home
away from home!

Saturday I learned a lot about my companion... Turns out wrestling
taught him a lot about Gymnastics! We decided to do a Gesso in the
Centro area with the Sister Missionaries. We decided on English Course
Publicity but there were so many street performers it was easier to
just walk around talking to people than actually setting up a sheet
and having people walk by. So we had about 100 pass along cards each
and we just went to town. Well we had been there about a half an hour
and this guy in a full Spider-Man outfit starts playing music and
crouches down like Spider-Man. He then proceeds to do some gymnastics
moves, he did some hand stands and round offs and I look next to me
and my companion is gone. I look around and he's climbing up this
fence and I thought "what is he... Oh oh he's doing a..." And he did a
back flip off the fence! Well that got a crowd around and it turned
into a little competition between my companion and Spider-Man they
started doing backflips and hand springs and it was really cool! And I
was walking around giving out English course cards saying that I teach
an English course with the guy that's doing backflips... It was really
funny and I got some good videos!

We walked a little bit further down and there was another group of
street performers that were doing Break-Dancing and they had a little
mat set up and LaRussa went up to the, and started talking to them...
Turns out he does break dancing too! So Anziano Larussa was their
opening act he started dancing and got a huge crowd for their show.
Then they did like a five minute show and they were so good! We
learned afterwards that they travel allover the world doing shows but
that they are based out of Sardegna. Their whole show was set to a
violin song that Lindsey Sterling does and I told them after that she
is Mormon. They were astounded and I'm pretty sure they didn't believe
me but they said they were going to be touring parts of England and
needed to learn some English so hopefully they will come, maybe we'll
just have them dance for us instead of learn English!

Yesterday we had six appointments scheduled some with members and some
with investigators and all of them bidoned us. A bidone literally
means trash or dumpster but it's what we use when people cancel on
us... So it turned out to be a little less productive than we had
hoped. I did have a really cool experience at church though! There
were 13 people visiting from Switzerland and everyone in Switzerland
learns English in school from like 4 years old so we translated the
Sacrament meeting for them. We use these radio like things and they
have headphones and then the missionaries that translate have a little
microphone and I translated about ten minutes of the Fasting Testimony
Meeting for them! It was so fun but also a little scary! Definitely
the Gift of Tongues working there but it was a lot of fun!

This is a very long letter and I don't have a specific invite for you
all this week but I want to let you all know how much I love this
Gospel and how grateful I am to be able to serve this mission. I see
miracles everyday, I have the opportunity to learn from so many great
people and I meet so many incredible people all the time. Remember the
invites from the past couple weeks as well... To watch General
Comference (All of it! If you've seen it all once go through and start
round two by reading the talks!) tone a missionary and invite people.
Living in Utah is not an excuse... There are plenty of inactive
members in Utah!

Anyway, the church is true, the book is blue, and I love you!

Anziano Jake Bellucci

Monday, October 3, 2016

Cagliari Transfer 2 Week 7

So I couldn't pick a title for this email... My three options are as follows!

1. Conference is like Christmas for missionaries!
2. We're going back to Rome for a conference with a Member of the 12 Apostles
3. Let's go to the Beach, each let's go get away!

So that's my week! Haha it's been a really busy week and this is my
last three days with Anziano Segura! We're avoiding talking about
it... Haha but it's ok because change is good! I'll find out tonight
who my companion will be and I'm pretty excited! It's official though,
I will be staying here in Cagliari for at least another six weeks!

We had some great lessons and found some new investigators! We found
this guy named Andrea who works at this store that his Dad owns. Half
of what they sell is segways like those ones that they have allover
college campuses and they're so cool! Anyway he told us that they're
like 900€ which is about $1,000 so we decided President wouldn't
approve that expense and decided on teaching him the restoration
instead of buying a Segway. Their store wasn't open so we went in and
started teaching the restoration in the middle of the store and then
his Dad came in and so we went to the back supply room and finished
the lesson! It was a really cool lesson and I have been taking the
lead in our lessons so it's been a little more stressful!

We had our activity on Thursday night and it was soooo successful! So
we organized it around the movie Meet the Mormons with little segments
and made it an airplane ride. Our invitations looked like boarding
passes and we also dressed up like flight attendants and had some
members be the pilot and co-pilot. We set up the chairs like an
airplane that traveled allover the world watching the different
segments. Between each segments we divided the groups into stations
where one group learned about prophets and was invited to General
Conference and the other group learned about temples and Family
History. We had about 50 people show up to the activity and it was a
huge hit! The last segment in the movie is about a missionary that
leaves on his mission and it shows leading up to it and packing and
driving to the airport... Made me cry haha but it was a good cry! I'm
so glad to be here!

Friday we got a call from the Santoli family, they are a member couple
in their 70's and they invited us to Lunch at their house on Saturday.
It was a great meal and they asked us to set up their computer so they
could watch General Conference. They got out their laptop and I got it
right to the website that counts down the time so right as the stream
started it would begin! She was so happy and then said, "Anziani, my
email hasn't been working since January... Think you could try to fix
it?" So we got her password reset and everything and her outlook
popped up and she had 1,066 unread emails! Again she was so happy and
she pulled out her phone and said "I'd like to get all my pictures on
my computer so I can see them better!" So she got us the cord and I
uploaded 6,000 pictures most of which were screenshotted recipes from
Facebook that she wants to make onto her computer. I'm only explaining
this because it reminds me of my technically challenged Roxy who I
always help with her tech troubles! I thought of Roxy and Mom the
whole time! She also shared her conversion story with us which was
absolutely beautiful. Her husband was baptized in I think 1966 and she
wasn't baptized until 14 years later. She went to church with him
every Sunday and even had a calling in the Family History Center but
she was Catholic and would go to Mass every Sunday after attending The
LDS church with her Husband and kids. She slowly gained a testimony
and was baptized like I said 14 years later.and one year after that
they were sealed in the Frankfurt Germany temple. She still tears up
telling the story!

Conference is always great but I feel like it's even better when
you're on your mission. It's 8 hours delayed from Utah time so the
morning sessions start at 6 p,m. and we got to watch that on Saturday
from 6-8 and then they space it out so its played in the chapels over
Sunday. We watched the Priesthood session on Sunday morning at 11.
Secondo me, the Priesthood session was the best, we heard from Elder
Holland, and all three of the members of the First Presidency. It was
an incredible session and I really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk about
Home Teaching and the effect we can have on the other members around
us when we faithfully serve as Home Teachers AND we allow our Home
Teachers to come and fulfill their home teaching responsibilities.
There are still some sessions that we haven't watched yet but it was
an incredible conference! If you watched it what were your favorite
parts? Who spoke to you the most and did you get your questions
answered? I hope so! I would love to hear your insights!

After the Priesthood session Fratello Caravagna made all the
missionaries Pranzo but we didn't know about that and had an
appointment for Pranzo at 2 with the Cabras family. Italians take it
really personally if you don't eat their food so we ate Pranzo with
them rice and pesto pasta and breaded pork chops and French fries and
went right to our appointment to eat again! We started with minestrone
soup that had chick peas in it... It was pretty good but I was full
already! Then they brought out a whole pig again! It was so good and
then salad and fruit and gelato. Then we watched a session of
conference with them but it was in Italian so I was nodding in and
out. I'll have to watch that one again! Then they made us Seadas again
which are those things with the lemon cheese inside and they're fried.
I was going to explode. We had told this investigator couple of ours
that Anziano Segura would be leaving this week so they wanted to have
us over for dinner. Of all days I wasn't sure I could even look at
food. Ruth is Philippino so she always makes something a little less
Italian. We had ham fried rice to start with and then fried chicken
and mashed potatoes. It was real different that what we've been eating
lately but it was so good! Again feelings of explosion. But we

In the middle of all this we found out that we are having another
mission conference on the 20th of October! Mission conferences do not
happen very often in this mission mostly because of the size, in fact
the last one before the one we had two weeks ago was in March of 2015!
At the end of the conference a few weeks ago President Keuron said
"You have all prepared yourself spiritually for this conference and I
can tell that you were all ready to come here and be taught. But if a
member of the Quorum of the twelve apostles comes I want to ask you to
double your preparation." It turns out he said that for a reason! On
October 20th President Russell M. Nelson, of the Quorum of the Twelve,
Elder Donald L. Hallstrom, of the Presidency of the Seventy, Bishop
Gerald Causse, Presiding Bishop, and Elder Patrick Kearon, Europe Area
President will be in Rome for our Mission Conference! We are all so
excited! We will have the President of our Mission, the President of
the Geographical area, the Presiding Bishop, the President of the 70
AND the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles! That is the
President of every organizational level of the Church starting with
mission President all the way up to the Quorum of the twelve! How cool
is that??? Can you tell we are excited? We only have three weeks to
prepare so it's a little stressful but it will be a once in a lifetime

Today has been a great P-Day! We started by getting ready really fast
this morning and driving to the church for personal and companion
study because we wanted to watch General Conference! Then as soon as
it was over we went home, went grocery shopping really quick and
headed to the beach with the sister missionaries! Poetto is world
famous and it is absolutely beautiful but we aren't allowed to go to
the beach from April to October, but it's finally October! So we still
aren't allowed to swim but we walked on the beach with our feet in the
water and it was amazing! The water was nice and warm and I have to
admit it puts those Florida beaches to shame! We had a picnic and
played some Football and tried to fly a kite but today was literally
the only day without wind so that failed! I got a little sun on my
face and more than anything it was really nice to relax on the beach!
Now it's obviously email time since I am writing this and we will be
headed to Family Home Evening in a little bit! I will have updates on
my new companion for you all next week! Stay tuned! I hope you have
all had a wonderful day and an incredible conference weekend and I
want you all to know that I love ya! I want to invite you all to look
for miracles in your lives, I promise if you look for them you will
find them. They are all around you, God is in the details and he loves

Anziano Jacob Bellucci