Anziano Segura and Anziano Bellucci

"True Italian Style Pronzo.. Oh my heck was is solo good or what?!?!"

"Then they brought out this whole pig. Head and all, it still had teeth!"
"...the guy put the whole head right on my companions plate"

Headed to Cagliari!


At the Mission HomeπŸ‘†

Pictures from the MTC!! πŸ”½πŸ‘‡

 Getting luggage from the car

 Zack, Elder Bellucci and John

 Elder Bellucci and John

 Elder Bellucci and Cordale

 The Lambs, Elder Bellucci and John

Putting off the "See you laters"

The Boys

Elder Bellucci and Zack

The Lambs

 Robin Schneider, Elder Bellucci
 "Ooops!" - Elder Bellucci

 Mom, Adam and Elder Bellucci
 "I packed too much! Uh oh! Gotta move some stuff around!" - Elder Bellucci
 Aunt Roxy and Elder Bellucci
 Mike and Elder Bellucci
 Elder Bellucci's final "See ya later" 
 "Where's he going again?"
"See ya in 2!"
Officially "Elder Bellucci"
 Elder Bellucci with 2 Elders from Potsdam, New York.
"Say WHAT?!"
Elder Bellucci with A. Cooper and J. Cooper
 Elder Bellucci with the Coopers.

 Last round of "Virus"

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