Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bari Libertà Transfer 8 Week 4

Travels, exchanges, Baptismal interviews and pretty beaches! 

Another great week on the books here in Bari and it's for sure been a good one! We started off with a good P-Day last week and then we went to go teach this awesome part-member family. They have two kids named Pietro and Angela and so we are teaching them now! It went really well and them gave us homemade focaccia afterwards! 

We had an awesome DDM on Tuesday afternoon, we talked about the importance of inspired questions and how we can follow the spirit to change our lessons and make them more effective. It was really good! I made banana bread for DDM and it was definitely a hit... and because we're in Italy we put a bunch of Nutella on it! We left right after that to head down to Brindisi for a little mini exchange and to see their District Meeting. They were asked by their Branch President to move a desk but when they got their they were cleaning out their whole Church and it took all night so we ended up teaching their English Course for them which was way fun! They have a great Course with a bunch of young people that are all super cool! We definitely made popcorn and had Frozen Yogurt for dinner... it was good! I got to work for a few minutes with Anziano Andersen who was Anziano Allen's companion in the MTC! 

District meeting in Brindisi went pretty well, they have some good work down there which is always a good thing! We got sandwiches at this shop afterwards and then we had to stop at the Lidl which is a German grocery store that has a ton of cheap stuff and American stuff too. Then we headed back to Bari and did some Less Active hunting as I like to call it!

Thursday we had a lunch appointment with our Grandma in Bitonto, she's my favorite... she gave us sooooo much food though! I was about to explode! We had pasta al forno which is like a pasta bake (forno means oven...) and she gave us a ton! Then she said "Do you want he rest?" And I thought she meant like the next Course but she meant the rest of the pasta so she loaded us up with a TON more pasta and then we had a big plate of meat, salad, fruit, and dessert! I was wrecked afterwards! And she gave us a whole other pan of pasta al forno to take home. She's going to America in a few weeks to stay with her daughter for a few months so I'm going to miss her for sure! We had English Course and a correlation Meeting afterwards... 

Friday we planned for the week, did lots of less active hunting and that was pretty much it! Saturday was mapping out less actives, finding, and going all over the place! 

Sunday we went to Bitonto and I gave a talk on Missionary Work and the importance of the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon has definitely become my favorite thing to talk and testify about. As I learn more and more about it I begun to understand more and more it's importance in our lives. Thomas S. Monson gave a great invite this last Conference and he said "If you are not reading the Book of Mormon each day, please do so." Simple as that. I promise you it will bring you blessings! 

Today we went to Polignano! Man is it beautiful or what?!?! It's about a 30 minute train ride and it's totally worth it! It's definitely a tourist city, I heard so much English there and so many accents. The ocean is so beautiful and we all had a good time! 

I hope you all had a good week! Happy Memorial Day!

Anziano Jacob Bellucci

The Sisters got lost in the middle of no where and called us to come and pick them up... when we got there they had made flower crowns for us... I think next time we'll leave them there! 

Flower Crown!

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